Borgen van de veiligheid van insecten

Projecttitel: Borgen van de veiligheid van insecten
Projectnummer: LWV19099
Missie: Gewaardeerd, gezond en veilig voedsel
MMIP: D4: Duurzame en veilige verwerking
Looptijd: 2020 – 2023
Projectleider: Nathan Meijer

Insects are seen as an alternative protein source for human food and animal feed. Since they can convert waste streams they also fit within the circular economy. 
However, before large scale production, possible safety aspects need to be controlled. 

This project focuses on investigating the safety of insects for feed and food, when reared on waste streams. To this end, a series of transfer experiments will be done, with rearing insects on contaminated substrates.