CBPM - Home compostable / Soil degradable PLA

Projecttitel: CBPM - Home compostable / Soil degradable PLA
Projectnummer: LWV19199
Missie: Kringlooplandbouw
MMIP: A3 - Hergebruik zij- en reststromen
Looptijd: 2020 – 2024
Projectleider: Gerald Schennink

During the past decades Polylactic acid (PLA) has become a mature biobased and biodegradable polymer. However PLA is only biodegradable under industrial composting conditions. As a consequence, PLA is often not selected as a sustainable alternative for fossil-based polymers in applications that would intrinsically benefit from degradation in soil or under home-composting conditions. 
Various routes that enhance the degradation level of PLA will be studied in this project. Industrial parties involved will test the proposed solutions in their products (e.g. plant pots and tea bags).