Strategies to diminish astringency of plant proteins

Projecttitel: Strategies to diminish astringency of plant proteins
Projectnummer: LWV19236
Missie: Gewaardeerd, gezond en veilig voedsel
MMIP: D4: Duurzame en veilige verwerking
Looptijd: 2020 – 2023
Projectleider: Els de Hoog

Plant protein applications are accompanied with typical sensory defects, such as beany, bitter and astringent. 
These sensory defects are a reason for consumers not to buy plant- and plant protein-based products, and rebuy to stay below industrial standards. 

The aim of this study is to identify the main factors that cause astringency in plant protein containing products and to explore strategies to diminish such astringency.

Rapportage 2020