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C. Klimaatbestendig landelijk en stedelijk gebied

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C4. Verbeteren waterkwaliteit

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Irma Steemers-Rijkse


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The project focuses on the reuse of effluent from WWTP’s for irrigation in agriculture. To achieve this, the quality of the effluent is important, especially with regard to food safety. This project examines the extent to which contaminants from the effluent end up in and on the crop (fruit and vegetables), what the associated health risks are and what measures (water treatment, monitoring) are needed to minimize these risks. Since 25 May 2020, European regulations have been in force describing the minimum quality requirements of reused water for agricultural purposes. However, if it is suspected that this water may also contain other components that may affect public health, an additional risk assessment is required. The results of this project contribute to the acceptance of the use of effluent in agriculture and horticulture, the fight against the effects of drought and concrete tools for this risk assessment. The consortium consists of knowledge institutions, water boards, agricultural interest groups and technology suppliers.

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