Project RESTRUCTURE: Developing and implementing innovative and evidence-based food design principles to moderate energy intake


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Overweight and obesity are among the most urgent nutrition related problems in the world affecting more than 2 billion people. Despite the good intentions of the Dutch prevention agreement on food reformulation, the RIVM (Dutch Institute for Public Health and the Environment) predicts that prevalence of overweight in the Netherlands will rise up to 60% in 2040. Recent advances have consistently shown that energy intake is predominantly determined by the energy density (kcal/g) and eating rate (g/min), which in turn depend on macronutrient composition and food structure and processing. This is a game-changer as it allows to make foods healthier through changes in structure and energy density, while maintaining palatability.

Doel van het project
To implement recently developed scientific knowledge on the effects of food structure and processing on energy intake and obesity.

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Geplande resultaten
RESTRUCTURE will deliver scientific evidence-based knowledge on how food processing and food texture influences energy intake (rate). Maximum impact will be reached by effective communication and dissemination to all relevant stakeholders (society, academia, industries). Food design tools and innovative business models for a healthier food environment will be created that can be implemented by product developers in food industries across the world.