Project Safe and save water part 2 – The case on Listeria


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Irma Steemers-Rijkse


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Due to climate change and subsequent water scarcity, it is important to efficiently use available freshwater. In
the Netherlands, wash water from vegetable processing is often only used once, after which it is disposed of. The
main reason is that this water may contain pathogens that may lead to recontamination of the product when the
water is reused. This research project focuses on developing new possibilities to (re)use fresh water in vegetable
processing more efficiently and the possible effects and solutions concerning food safety. Treating the water
with disinfection technologies aims to reduce the number of pathogens, allowing one to reuse the water and
results in a lower probability of recontamination of subsequent product batches. The development of
disinfection technologies applicable for the Dutch market, where the use of chemical agents is currently not
allowed, helps vegetable processors to make their companies more sustainable for water and energy use and
increase their international competitive position in which the use of chemical disinfection technologies is
standard practice.

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