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CULTURED is a multidisciplinary public-private partnership (PPP) which aims to develop novel solutions for the food industry by using natural fermentation strategies. The project will deliver high throughput systems as tools for the discovery of novel food and ingredient functionalities obtained by fermentation. In addition, this project will provide the required technological know-how and will close knowledge gaps to allow the application of fermentation technology in modern food production.

Doel van het project

In the end, it is foreseen that CULTURED will expand the application of fermentation in food production to include food products that are currently not standard beneficiaries of microbial intervention. In addition, targeted use of fermentation technology for specific food functionalities will be more easily implemented by the food industry. By establishing the enabling tools and technologies and by creating the toolbox required, CULTURED advances the use of fermentation technology for the discovery and development of minimally processed, wholesome, and sustainable ingredients and products. More importantly, the novel use of fermentation technology within clean labelling widens the possibilities for product development within this field.

Relatie met missie (Motivatie)

The project contributes to several priorities of MMIP D2. Fermentation of (by)products of the food industry creates healthy and sustainable innovations for the food industry as well as improved use of food waste for animal feed. The (high throughput) screening methods enable a quick scan of processing (fermentation and fermentation conditions) on added functionalities which enhances and accelerates the development of reformulated products. The added functionality or functionalities broadens the range of healthy products with better shelf life, safety, convenience and quality.

Geplande acties

Bringing together fermentation and high throughput screening for specific food functionalities within the framework of clean and clear labelling advances the state of the art in many ways. Firstly, the knowledge of microorganism-food substrate combinations resulting in specific functionalities in food products will be extended. New combinations of microorganisms and substrates resulting in novel functionalities will also be identified. Secondly, high throughput screening will alleviate the constraints of process development that are based on fermentation technology. Thirdly, within CULTURED, fermentation technology will be established for food products on the basis of functionality requirements which include anti-microbial activity, sweetness enhancement, production of aromas, umami/kokumi flavour, texturizers or production of microbial fatty acids. Partner meetings are held every three months either live or digital and a summary report will be written at the end of the project including the (high throughput) screening methods.

Naam projectleider

Erwin Beckers