Enhancing the South-Korean pig supply chain

Enhancing the South-Korean pig supply chain


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Pig production in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) has several challenges. Innovation development, knowledge sharing, and (veterinarian) management in the South Korean pig supply chain need to be improved to tackle the problems related to production performance on these aspects.
Using Dutch knowledge sharing and innovations systems and state-of-the-art knowledge on pig husbandry as a basis, this project aims to tackle the problems on these aspects in South Korea, by establishing an innovation and knowledge sharing system between pig producers and between pig producers and supply chain partners. Different means of knowledge sharing in the Korean pig industry are being tested, in order to optimize knowledge sharing for improved pig production.

Doel van het project

This project will result in improved zootechnical performance, food security, food safety, animal health situation, and environmental impact in the pig meat supply chain in South Korea. Of scientific interest are gaining insight into learning styles and social competences of South Korean pig producers and the effectiveness of innovation and knowledge exchange arrangements.

Relatie met missie (Motivatie)

Korean pig producers face inefficient and less sustainable production. The academic approach – gaining insight into learning styles- aims to develop improved means of knowledge sharing (e.g. study clubs of farmers), as strategic goal. Meanwhile a lot of knowledge is being shared with Korean producers, and Dutch companies are able to strengthen their export position.
Three forms of learning and knowledge sharing among pig producers are being tested on their effectiveness in South Korea
- Mastery learning by setting up a Pig Development Centre in South Korea as demonstration farm where virtual open days will be organised.
- Instruction/coaching learning by trainings to South Korean pig producers and advisors. The trainings are focused on the state-of-the-art technologies and management practices for professional pig farming. The advisors will also receive training to improve their coaching role.
- Cooperative learning by setting up study groups of pig producers in South Korea. The pig producers that have been on training in The Netherlands will be organised in study groups, aiming to exchange knowledge on pig production.
These innovations and knowledge sharing interventions will be designed based on the results of a study on learning styles and social competences among about 500 South Korean pig producers.

Geplande acties

Results of the project comprise improved knowledge among farmers and advisors involved on modern-day pig farming. It is being tested whether this results in increased zootechnical performance and sustainability.
A software tool is being developed for bidirectional information exchange (benchmarking) between pig producers and meat industry.
Two scientific papers are being produced: one on the social competences of Korean farmers (based on the baseline survey), and one on the resulting performance and sustainability improvement of farmers in different knowledge arrangements.
Tens of bilateral contacts and 3 group meetings have taken place, for proper cooperation among the project partners.

Naam projectleider

Robert Hoste