Harness bacterial platform for mono- and diterpene production

Harness bacterial platform for mono- and diterpene production


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Isoprenoids for the flavour and fragrance (F&F) market have several issues. Availability from plant biomasses is unreadable, may contain traces of agrochemicals and prices are unstable. In addition, production and extraction is often not sustainable. Sometimes, rare plant species are used and extraction protocols can involve chemicals which can be a burden for the environment. Here we aim to develop a sustainable method to produce isoprenoids products using biotechnology approaches.

Doel van het project

Isobionics focuses to produce isoprenoids for the F&F market, by using a biobased production platform. This project aims to expand the products that can be made with this platform to novel product categories. In line with the circular and bio-based economy goals.

Relatie met missie (Motivatie)

Expanding the product portfolio of this Dutch SME is important to allow this business to stay competitive and contribute to the circular and bio-based economy in the Netherlands. To this end, new biotechnology tools need to be created and tested.

Geplande acties

- further improve monoterpene titers through strain engineering and fermentation optimisation.

- Optimise the platform for diterpene production, in particular in the context of diversification towards diterpene products.

In 2021 we will round up the project by testing the production of a well-known isoprenoid product in optimized Rhodobacter strains.