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MIP CoE aardappel


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Landbouw, Water, Voedsel>A. Kringlooplandbouw>A2. Gezonde, robuuste bodem en teeltsystemen gebaseerd op agro-ecologie en zonder schadelijke emissies naar grond- en oppervlaktewater






The purpose of the proposal is to set-up and run a Center for Development of Potato industry (CDPIT) in Tanzania. The development of the potato value chain in Tanzania is in its infancy. However there is a vast potential for potato cultivation and a quickly increasing market. NL companies are interested to work with this potential. The Center focusses on optimizing the productivity and quality off the potato crop and developing the private sector along the value chain with specific focus on establishing Netherlands Tanzania business relations.

Doel van het project

The project target it to develop an integral approach towards sector and value chain development, using the latest insights in innovation dynamics (lead farm network), business creation (business cases, incubator, co-innovation)) and acknowledging the learning process (professionals) that has to be intensified to enable the accelerated growth. The collaboration with the private sector both from NL and the local and international context is key to this development. The Tanzanian PPP initiative SAGCOT has already established a good stakeholder platform and involvement of companies. The project works on the development of robust cropping systems for potatoes by adapting Dutch insights and technology and make it fit for the Tanzanian potato sector. Also the introduce and adapt knowledge regarding mitigation of climate change effects.

Relatie met missie (Motivatie)

The Tanzanian potato sector is still in its infancy and can benefit strongly for our knowledge and international experience. The fast growing Tanzanian population makes improvements of the cropping systems necessary. The potential is enormous if well fitted to the local circumstances.

Geplande acties

In a balanced approach we work on the following results:
1. Potato Technology: Improved cropping systems based on improved varieties and better crop management (weeds, diseases and fertilization).
2. Business development: helping all actors in the potato chain to understand the business model of each chain actor, support access to loans for inputs, investments in storage and machinery.
3. Potato Academy: knowledge transfer matching the level of the farmer on how to improve the cropping system(s), how to improve market access and how to improve the business model of the farmer.
4. Potato Government: building a Tanzanian potato structure and strategy together with Tanzanian stakeholders.

Naam projectleider

Jan Kamp