NIRS and manure composition (NIMACO)

NIRS and manure composition (NIMACO)


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The Dutch manure legislation requires accurate estimation of the amount of total nitrogen and total phosphorus per truck load when manure in any form is transported between parties. In the current situation sampling of each load and analysis by a certified laboratory is used to fulfil the legal requirements. A major disadvantage of this system is the time lag between delivering the manure and the insight how much nutrients are included. This hinders accurate nutrient application and leads to additional costs for the farmer and risks for the environment.
On board NIRS measurements have the potential to overcome this obstacle. In addition, no physical sample is taken and transported to the laboratory. This reduces the risks of mistakes and fraud.

Doel van het project

1.1 Project target
The project will show the potential of the implication of Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy (NIRS) on slurry transporting vehicles, leading to a more transparent and robust nutrient chain. The protocols allow quality assurance not only under laboratory conditions but also under field conditions over the total lifetime of the equipment.

Relatie met missie (Motivatie)

The project contributes to the efficient and cost effective use of plant nutrients within the agro-food-complex. Arable farmers can use slurry nutrients more effective up till the legal limits leading to a reduced use of chemical fertilizers and reduced risk for the environment due to overapplication.

Geplande acties

2.4 Result
NIMACO will make available:
a) Protocol for the proof of principle (POP)
b) Protocol for the proof of application (POA)
c) Comparison between the current system of sampling and analysis and on board NIRS measurements under field conditions
All these results will be reported within the final report.

Naam projectleider

Piet Derikx