Perceivable benefits

Perceivable benefits






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A healthy lifestyle is an essential element to release the physical and mental potential of every individual and is able to prevent the epidemic development of overweight, and cardio- metabolic diseases. Unfortunately, most people do not manage to incorporate or to maintain the recommended changes in their daily lifestyle. The aim of this project is to obtain insight into the variability in response to dietary and lifestyle intervention with respect to blood glucose homeostasis and mental and physical performance and well-being. This information may be used to develop more successful personalized lifestyle interventions or the development of personalized food products. When people feel better, fitter and/or otherwise motivated to follow a dietary advice, for instance by personalized feedback on physiological measures of glucose control or other indicators of health status, the implementation of a healthy lifestyle is expected to be more successful.

Doel van het project

1. Obtain insight into the metabolic and lifestyle determinants of blood glucose responses and glycemic variability and relate the latter responses to mental and physical performance and well-being
2. Study how acute and chronic dietary and/or physical activity interventions affect blood glucose homeostasis in metabolically different subgroups and how this consequently alters the related mental and physical performance, well-being and food preferences.
3. Develop multi-scale tissue dynamic and mathematical models on diet and lifestyle (physical activity) in relation to blood glucose homeostasis (including microbiota and host metabolism) and mental and physical performance and well-being.
4. Test whether tailored dietary interventions/physical activity programs based on these models may improve blood glucose homeostasis and physical and mental performance and well-being
5. Evaluate the application of wearables and other tools to quantify the biological and mental biomarkers

Relatie met missie (Motivatie)

This project may give leads for more successful lifestyle interventions and healthy food choices by providing more information on (1) determinants of successful dietary interventions as well as (2) the relationship between biological factors including blood glucose homeostasis, on mental health, cognitive function, mood and well-being

Geplande acties

The main deliverables of the current project are:
1. Establishment of (cause-effect) relationships between blood glucose homeostasis, the underlying tissue related physiology and the perceivable benefits1 connected to mental and physical performance and well-being
2. Demonstration that subgroup-based dietary/lifestyle intervention may optimize the beneficial effect on blood glucose homeostasis and metabolic health and related perceivable benefits
3. Generation of multi-tissue dynamic and mathematical models that can determine the ranges at which diet/lifestyle intervention can modulate the blood glucose homeostasis and underlying physiology and in turn the related perceivable benefits
4. Proof of the concept and more detailed knowledge on more personalised and effective lifestyle-related strategies to improve blood glucose management and related perceivable benefits