Precisielandbouw 4.0: op naar data-gedreven landbouw voor rotatie management

Precisielandbouw 4.0: op naar data-gedreven landbouw voor rotatie management


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The farm data space is relatively poorly developed compared to the tools and infrastructures chain partners have. The PPP aims to develope the farms data space to allow for smart, safe, transparent and ‘ in control’ data use on farms and between farms ad value chain partners. In phase 1 of the project, from sept. 2019 until mid 2020, a feasibility study is done to describe data use in field crop management (focus on arable crops and feed production), issues and solutions. Phase 1 ends with a plan for the PPP for the succeeding 3 years.

Doel van het project

PPP PL4.0 is an ST1 project. It contributes to better understanding of the farm and agrifood data space and improvement interoperability of data at farm and chain levels. In this way, it paves the way for mature data-driven agriculture and agrifood.
The results of PL4.0 will contribute to more sustainable and circular agriculture and agrifood.

Relatie met missie (Motivatie)

The unbalanced data position of farmers in the agrifood data space hampers adoption of data-driven farming. There are technical and organizational issues. Issues on both categories will be identified and solutions will be suggested. In phase 2 use cases will be implemented in which we work with technical solutions that comply with code of conduct for data use and sovereignty, and show benefit for farms, agrifood chains and society.

Geplande acties

PPP PL4.0 had three main deliverables in phase 1:
• A feasibility report on issues and solutions for the agrifood data space;
• Extension of the consortium with chain partners;
• A workplan for phase 2 of the PPP.