Protein Valorisation from Brewers_x0092_ Spent Grain

Protein Valorisation from Brewers_x0092_ Spent Grain


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Landbouw, Water, Voedsel>A. Kringlooplandbouw>A4. Eiwitvoorziening voor humane consumptie uit (nieuwe) plantaardige bronnen






The main objective of the project is to valorize the proteins of Brewer’s Spent Grain (BSG) in order to develop high-added value products. Basically, after finalizing the brewing process, BSG are used to feed animals, which does not utilize optimal value of the proteins. WFBR in collaboration with Heineken and Duynie Group elaborated a green process that first release the majority of the proteins in the aqueous phase and then purify the extracted protein to a certain extent depending on the target product that will be developed. Indeed, the process takes into consideration 1) the suitable protein functionality that fits the final food product, 2) the economic efficiency of the process and 3) the sustainability of the process.

Doel van het project

The project focusses on optimal valorization of AgriFood side stream Brewers’ Spent Grain by developing a highly efficient BSG biorefinery process yielding a versatile high-protein extract combined with the development of a human food concept using this extract as main ingredient. With this objective this project clearly contributes to the following key features of mission A “kringlooplandbouw” and MMIP A4 “Eiwitvoorziening voor humane consumptie uit (nieuwe) plantaardige bronnen”.

Contribution to Mission A
• Optimization of valorization of AgriFood waste- and side streams.
• Development new plant based protein sources for food.

Contribution to MMIP A4
• The use of AgriFood waste- and side streams as protein source.
• Product knowledge and improvement protein alternatives.

Relatie met missie (Motivatie)

A solid understanding of the complex interaction between feedstock biorefinery protocol and the functionality of the extracted protein is essential to build a viable value chain supplying plant protein from AgriFood side streams for human consumption. Thereby contributing to the widely desired protein transition. This project delivers exactly that for Brewers’ Spent Grain. Moreover, it is believed that obtaining insight will be broader applicable over other feedstocks and application. This makes it appropriate and necessary to perform this project within the MMIP.