REBUS – REformulated foods & impact on Blood glUcoSe and well-being

REBUS – REformulated foods & impact on Blood glUcoSe and well-being


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REBUS will pursue the following 2 aims.
Aim 1. To design new reformulation strategies to create foods with improved nutritional profile
Aim 2. To understand the influence of food composition and food structure on blood glucose and well-being
To meet these aims, REBUS will bring together ingredient suppliers, end-product manufacturers and knowledge institutes, and will be able to take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies available at the consortium partners for reformulating foods and for monitoring health and well-being.

Doel van het project

REBUS aims to accommodate consumer motivation to eat healthy, by allowing food manufacturers (impact for the food sector) to produce healthier products (impact for the society) and also by applying a new research model (scientific impact), characterized by a stronger focus on short-term health, perceived well-being, and taste. This will support the development of new, high quality foods with potential health benefits in the future.
The following deliverables are
1. Insights on the effect of reformulation approaches on product quality and consumer’s acceptance. Tools for efficient selection and development of high quality food products with sustained energy release and low glycaemic index.
2. A new clinical trial approach that will help to optimise personalised diets on the basis of individual traits, needs, and preferences
3. Insights in the connection between food composition/structure and blood glucose responses

Relatie met missie (Motivatie)

Contemporary consumers are increasingly aware and interested in nutrition and health. However, current evidence-based dietary guidelines do not sufficiently consider individual traits, needs, and preferences. Indeed, dietary guidelines are fixated on the long-term effects, whereas the motivation of consumers to eat healthy is often driven by short-term health, perceived well-being, and taste. To accommodate these interests, while adhering to the general dietary guidelines, we need to develop reformulated tasty products. In addition, we need a new research model, haracterized by a stronger focus on the individual and the short-term effects of foods, both on physical and mental well-being (REBUS goals). This project contributes to the main objectives of mission D (appreciated, healthy and safe foods).

Geplande acties

REBUS aim is to develop high-quality reformulated products with improved nutritional profile. These reformulated products will be included in a clinical trial to determine the effects on blood glucose responses. We will determine the impact on short-term health and well-being using a new study approach. With this approach we will determine how people feel and how they physically and mentally respond to consumption of reformulated food products.