Replacing dairy with plant protein in cheese

Replacing dairy with plant protein in cheese






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This project investigates and develops strategies to fully or partially replace dairy protein for plant protein in new products having the characteristics of traditional cheese (i.e. sliceable texture, meltability, flavour, gross composition). Through the use of fermentation- , protein– and process technology as main strategies, a fundamental knowledge base will be generated and applied to steer and tailor the relevant product properties. Using a combination of effective strategies, a prototype plant-protein based cheese will be developed. The consumer’s acceptance of plant-based cheese substitutes will be evaluated to support the focus of research. Eventually, the developed strategies should allow partners to produce palatable new cheese substitutes based on plant proteins; with lower carbon footprint, comparable functionality, shelf life and nutritional value matching traditional dairy cheeses.

Doel van het project

The overall aim of this project is to develop knowledge and methods to produce healthy, safe and palatable cheese substitutes from new plant-based raw materials, in a sustainable way. It is meant to contribute to the reduction of CO2 footprint and the acceleration of the transition from animal to (locally produced) plant protein sources.

Relatie met missie (Motivatie)

Transition from animal proteins to plant proteins in the production of food – and in particular for replacing milk protein in cheese substitutes - is a very challenging objective. Differences in nutritional value, the (limited) functionality of currently commercially available plant protein ingredients, microbiological risks and impaired sensory product quality (off-taste and inferior mouthfeel/consistency) have to be tackled to produce high quality food which can gain broad consumer acceptance. In todays’ dynamic market for plant-based food alternatives fast product launches are a must for success, yet the available knowledge to overcome these challenges hurdles is lacking behind.

Geplande acties

• The project will deliver a knowledge base: how fermentation, protein technology and smart processing can be applied to deliver nutritionally comparable, palatable, safe and sustainable plant protein-based cheese substitutes.
• The insights and strategies developed will be exemplified with pilot scale prototype products.
• For the various research lines, small scale model systems will be set up to allow efficient screening and versatile testing and product characterization.
• The results of each work package will be presented in confidential reports to consortium partners. For dissemination of main findings to public, poster presentations, lectures at relevant congresses, publications in scientific and /or popular journals will be prepared.