Strategies to diminish astringency of plant proteins

Strategies to diminish astringency of plant proteins






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Astringency is a major sensory defect of plant proteins and polyphenols and therefore a challenge for the production of tasty plant based foods, and therefore the valorisation of plant protein-rich waste streams. This project aims at developing approaches and technologies to reduce this astringency in plant based foods based on understanding the molecular mechanism of astringency. Industrial partners will provide plant ingredients and results from industrial pilot tests. When necessary, new science methods will be developed by the knowledge institutes to measure, predict and eventually reduce astringency. This combination of practice and science will enable the application of the results in new and/or improved plant based products and guarantee the societal relevance of this work.

Doel van het project

This project will deliver i) methods to measure astringency, ii) prediction of astringency based on understanding of the molecular mechanisms and iii) potential strategies to decrease astringency.

Relatie met missie (Motivatie)

The work fits in the current trend towards a more sustainable food production in which plant proteins and other plant-based products play a central role. This project will contribute to the development of tasty products and to the acceptance of consumers and shift towards a healthier diet with more plant based proteins (the so-called protein transition).

Geplande acties

De milestones of the project are defined below
MS 1A Inventory of astringency in food products (beverage) prepared from different plant proteins to be completed 31-07-2020
MS 1B Selection of protein sources and ingredients as well as (model) beverage composition for the following WPs to be completed 31-07-2020
MS2A Measuring astringency using physical techniques to be completed 31-07-2021
MS2B Predicting astringency on the basis of molecular properties to be completed 31-07-2021
MS3A Plant protein ingredients and or fractions with reduced astringency to be completed 31-01-2022
MS3B Beverages demonstrating different strategies to reduce their astringent perception to be completed 31-12-2022
Meetings: 3 project meetings and 1 steering committee meeting per year