Synbiotics to Restore Microbiota Resilience Disruption by Antibiotic Treatments

Synbiotics to Restore Microbiota Resilience Disruption by Antibiotic Treatments






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The use of antibiotics substantially affects the microbiota. Although some research seems to show that antibiotics only have transient effects on the microbiota, others suggest that antibiotic use pervasively changes the microbiome and disturbs gut homeostasis and pathways that modulate the immune response. Whether these antibiotic-induced differences in the microbiota and host physiology revert or remain after treatment may depend on the type of antibiotics, whether individuals receive a single dose of antibiotics or whether they are chronically exposed, and also on the age of exposure. It remains unclear which aspect of microbiota composition determine resilience to perturbation and if microbiota resilience can be increased or restored via nutrition.

Doel van het project

The maintenance of a beneficial microbiota requires a homeostatic equilibrium within microbial communities, and also between the microorganisms and the intestinal interface of the host. Central to this research proposal is the idea that a healthy resilient microbiota is less vulnerable to disturbance and recovers faster: I) Microbiota resilience could be a key factor in the potential of the gut microbiota to recover from temporary disturbance by antibiotic treatment. II) Microbiota resilience can be improved by microbiota modulators such as pre, pro- and synbiotics.

Relatie met missie (Motivatie)

The study proposal aims to provide valuable scientific evidence on the potential beneficial effect of a formula for young children (toddlers) that contains synbiotics (a probiotic Bifidobacterium species combined with prebiotic fibers) in supporting gut resilience, during and after the administration of broad spectrum antibiotics (e.g. amoxycilin).
The question of if microbiota modulation via synbiotics can provide support during a course of antibiotics is very topical for both parents and physicians and has not yet been studied in depth in this population

Geplande acties

Setting up an intervention study with a symbiotic products measuring microbiota profiles within toddlers. Study report with methods and results