Projecten Sleuteltechnologieën


KoM20027 – Sowing Seeds of Knowledge

Smart technologies in agri-horti-water-food (St1)

LWV20.117 – Real-time Biomolecular Sensing for Smart Food Industry
LWV20.131 – The Next Fruit 4.0
LWV20.172 – Automatic morphological descriptions of ornamental crops through machine learning
LWV20.281 – Future sensors and digital twins to improve perishable food quality
LWV20.348 – Kleurrijke belichting

LWV19035 – Innovatieve emissieloze toedieningstechnieken 4.0
LWV19143 – AGROS: Evolution to sustainable AGRicultural Operation Systems
LWV19174 – Analysis of food flavour with a bioluminescent tongue- and nose-on-a-chip
LWV19178 – Handsfree production in agri-food
LWV19244 – Point of Need Testing voor transparante, duurzame productieketens
LWV19247 – Een optimale zacht-fruitketen begint bij de oogst
LWV19250 – Transition To A Data-Driven Agriculture

TKI1922P01 – Bird’s Eye View


AF-18020 – GrazeGuide
AF-18083 – Monitoren diepteregeling en nauwkeurigheid mesttoediening
AF-18084 – Internet of food
AF-18086 – Toekomstbestendig diertransport
AF-18101 – Precisielandbouw 4.0: op naar datagedreven landbouw voor rotatiemanagement
TU-18009 – Prediction of seed vigour and storability
TU-18034 – Visual analytics for plant pangenomes TU-18066 Bollen-revolutie 4.0
TU-18092 – SIOM 2: Connecting disruptive data technology to greenhouse technology sector
TU-18125 – Blockchain: Automated compliance in agrifood chains through blockchain
TU-18145- Augmented horticulture – understanding plants via augmented reality
AF-17215 – Innovative smart materials and sensors for packaging of raw and processed food
AF-17221 – Sensors and ICT applications for effective and efficient use of fungicides
HT 17228Data-driven integrated growing systems
HT 17222 – Exploitation of high-tech plant phenotyping tools
TU-1604-035 – Levensduur van kasdekmaterialen

AF-16101 – DATA-FAIR: value-creation by data sharing in agri-food business
AF-16190 – SMARAGD
AF-16191 – Data intensive smart agrifood chains
TU-1604-037 – Ht2ftw-Smart materials for greenhouses
WM – SMART detection and real-time learning in water distribution

WM – Slim riool: ontwikkeling van een slim detectiesysteem voor afvallozingen in riolen

AF-14275 Op naar precisielandbouw 2.0 TU-KV-1406-101 BIGt&u: luisteren naar consument en keten

Biotechnologie en veredeling (St2)

LWV20.025 – Organoids as a research tool in animal breeding and nutrition
LWV20.054 – Accelerating genomic prediction in Breed4food
LWV20.085 – Genetics Assisted Assembly of Complex Genomes
LWV20.105- Integrated research program towards sustainable resistance against the Tospovirus-thrips pathosystem in crops
LWV20.112 – Application of sequence-based multi-allelic markers in genetics and breeding of polyploids
LWV20.127 – Breeding for nitrogen use efficiency in cabbage under organic and low input conditions (BreNueCa)
LWV20.156 – Genomics and bioinformatics tools for temperature-insensitive and sustainable cauliflower production
LWV20.157 – Groene Veredeling – Introgression of thrips resistance in leek
LWV20.209 – From Sweet to Valuable
LWV20.232 – Identifying and characterizing Verticillium resistance in potato
LWV20.239 – Durable resistance to early blight disease in potato
LWV20.265- Beheersing van vruchtboomkanker in de biologische en gangbare teelt van appel middels veredelingsonderzoek
LWV20.305 – Innovations in Reproductive and Cryopreservation Technologies in Pigs and Cattle


LWV19016 – Gene editing key technologies
LWV19033 – Breeding tools to prevent production losses caused by Erwinia
LWV19043 – Novel strategy for durable Didymella resistance in cucumber
LWV19054 – Boosting regeneration
LWV19072 – Breeding for MH-independent onion cultivars
LWV19078 – Host plant resistance against aphids in Capsicum
LWV19089 – Exploitation of crop wild relatives for more sustainable and healthier spinach
LWV19097 – Changing the System of Seed Health
LWV19106 – Durable virus resistance in tomato
LWV19130 – Breeding for Postharvest Quality in Flowers and Vegetables
LWV19157 – Understanding susceptibility of plants to geminiviruses
LWV19167 – TrackGene
LWV19170 – Faster breeding of new crops for high quality nutrition
LWV19214 – Veredelingsonderzoek voor weerbare appelrassen tegen vruchtboomkanker
LWV19224 – Effective intracellular delivery of DNA-free CRISPR in plant cells via lipid nanoparticles
LWV19283 – Meiotic recombination profiling by multi-locus genotyping and recombination bin mapping of nuclei from F1 pollen
LWV19284 – Understanding the evolution of downy mildew virulence for knowledge-driven resistance breeding of spinach


TU-18002 – Fijnkartering tulpresistenties en ontwikkeling nieuwe veredelingsmethoden
TU-18003 – Lasting beauty/SciFi
TU-18015 – Counteracting botrytis infection by interfering with plant susceptibility genes
TU-18024 – Finding the Achilles’ heel of brassica for black rot disease
TU-18043 – Resistance mechanisms against thrips in Chrysanthemum and its relatives
TU-18048 – Controlled recombination in plant breeding
TU-18073 – Taking HDAC-inhibitors to the next level in DH embryo production
TU-18075 – A new method for potato breeding: the fixation-restitution approach
TU-18080 – Resistance mechanisms against thrips in wild relatives of onion
TU-18086 – Novel tools to breed for resistance against tuber diseases
TU-18100 – Whitefly resistant Poinsettia to reduce insecticide use TU-18132 Tomatenchlorose
TU-18142 – Weerbare rozen nu eindelijk in zicht!
TU-18140 – HeatYield – stabilising tomato yield in a warming world    
TU-18151 – Strain instability in fungi as a model for the study of recombination and epigenetic regulation of meiosis

TU-18155 – Re-booting potato: enhancing the breeding of hybrid diploid potato 
TU-18156 – Transcriptional networks up- and downstream of the negative regulators of plant immunity DMR6 an DLO1

TU-160-058 – Fertility and seed set in chrysanthemum
TU-1604-022- PALIFIT

TU-1604-002 – Capsicum Genome Initiative TU-1605-004 A de novo squencing catalogue B. Oeracea
TU-1605-020 – Novel genetic and genomic tools polyploid crops
TU-1605-045 – Transient induction of plant regeneration
TU-1605-106 – Role of helper mucrobes enhancing downy mildew on leafy vegetables
TU-1605-118 – Building the Green HapMap

TU-1509-039 – CHIC, Chrysanthemum Haploid Induction through chromosome elimination
TU-1509-049 – Development of a new, high-producing rubber crop: rubber chicory

TU-1406-056 – An integrated genomics and effectoromics impulse for potato wart resistance management and breeding
TU-1409-022 – Bioimpuls-2
TU-1409-029 – Genetics and mechanism of Aphid resistance in Capsicum
TU-1409-031 – A multidisciplinary approach for damping-off resistance in spinach
TU-1409-045 – Mechanism of thrips resistance in Capsicum