Projecten Sleuteltechnologieën


KoM20027 – Sowing Seeds of Knowledge

Smart technologies in agri-horti-water-food (St1)

LWV20.117 Real-time Biomolecular Sensing for Smart Food Industry
LWV20.131 The Next Fruit 4.0
LWV20.172 Automatic morphological descriptions of ornamental crops through machine learning
LWV20.281 Future sensors and digital twins to improve perishable food quality during distribution and production
LWV20.348 Kleurrijke belichting

LWV19035 Innovatieve emissieloze toedieningstechnieken 4.0
LWV19143 AGROS: Evolution to sustainable AGRicultural Operation Systems
LWV19174 Analysis of food flavour with a bioluminescent tongue- and nose-on-a-chip
LWV19178 Handsfree production in agri-food
LWV19244 Point of Need Testing voor transparante, duurzame productieketens
LWV19247 Een optimale zacht-fruitketen begint bij de oogst
LWV19250 Transition To A Data-Driven Agriculture

Aanvulling PPS precisietuinbouw
Creating resilience in pigs through artificial intelligence
AF-18020 GrazeGuide
AF-18083 Monitoren diepteregeling en nauwkeurigheid mesttoediening
AF-18084 Internet of food
AF-18086 Toekomstbestendig diertransport
AF-18101 Precisielandbouw 4.0: op naar datagedreven landbouw voor rotatiemanagement
TU-18009 Prediction of seed vigour and storability
TU-18034 Visual analytics for plant pangenomes TU-18066 Bollen-revolutie 4.0
TU-18092 SIOM 2: Connecting disruptive data technology to greenhouse technology sector
TU-18125 Blockchain: Automated compliance in agrifood chains through blockchain
TU-18145 Augmented horticulture – understanding plants via augmented reality
Data-driven integrated growing systems
Exploitation of high-tech plant phenotyping tools
Innovative smart materials and sensors for packaging of raw and processed food products
Levensduur van kasdekmaterialen
Ontwikkeling Autonome Inspectie Robots (AIRs) voor het drinkwaterdistributienet
Sensors and ICT applications for effective and efficient use of fungicides
Vochtstatus en -regulatie met nieuwe proces- en koelmethodes AF-16101DATA-FAIR: value-creation by data sharing in agri-food business
AF-16191 Data intensive smart agrifood chains
TU-KV-1604-037 Ht2ftw-Smart materials for greenhouses WM SMART detection and real-time learning in water distribution

WM Slim riool: ontwikkeling van een slim detectiesysteem voor afvallozingen in riolen
AF-14275 Op naar precisielandbouw 2.0 TU-KV-1406-101 BIGt&u: luisteren naar consument en keten


AF-EU-20015 B-GOOD
AF-EU-20031 De voedselveiligheidsmarkt (TheFSM)
AF-EU-20037     IoT4Potato
AF-EU-19003 AquaIMPACT
AF-EU-19032 NIVA
AF-EU-19040 SmartAgriHubs
AF-EU-17015  IoF 2020, Internet of Food & Farm 2020
AF -EU-17016  NEXTGEOSS: Next Generation GEOSS for Business & Innovation
AF-EU-17017  Antares
AF-EU-17032  ACTTiVAte : PAn-European Clusters for Technology Transfer and new VAlue chains

Biotechnologie en veredeling (St2)

LWV20.025 Organoids as a research tool in animal breeding and nutrition
LWV20.054 Accelerating genomic prediction in Breed4food
LWV20.085 Genetics Assisted Assembly of Complex Genomes
LWV20.105 Integrated research program towards sustainable resistance against the Tospovirus-thrips pathosystem in crops
LWV20.112 Application of sequence-based multi-allelic markers in genetics and breeding of polyploids
LWV20.127 Breeding for nitrogen use efficiency in cabbage under organic and low input conditions (BreNueCa)
LWV20.156 Genomics and bioinformatics tools for temperature-insensitive and sustainable cauliflower production
LWV20.157 Groene Veredeling – Introgression of thrips resistance in leek
LWV20.209 From Sweet to Valuable
LWV20.232 Identifying and characterizing Verticillium resistance in potato
LWV20.239 Durable resistance to early blight disease in potato
LWV20.265 Beheersing van vruchtboomkanker in de biologische en gangbare teelt van appel middels veredelingsonderzoek
LWV20.305 Innovations in Reproductive and Cryopreservation Technologies in Pigs and Cattle


LWV19016 Gene editing key technologies
LWV19033 Breeding tools to prevent production losses caused by Erwinia
LWV19043 Novel strategy for durable Didymella resistance in cucumber
LWV19054 Boosting regeneration
LWV19072 Breeding for MH-independent onion cultivars
LWV19078 Host plant resistance against aphids in Capsicum
LWV19089 Exploitation of crop wild relatives for more sustainable and healthier spinach
LWV19097 Changing the System of Seed Health
LWV19106 Durable virus resistance in tomato
LWV19130 Breeding for Postharvest Quality in Flowers and Vegetables
LWV19157 Understanding susceptibility of plants to geminiviruses
LWV19167 TrackGene
LWV19170 Faster breeding of new crops for high quality nutrition
LWV19214 Veredelingsonderzoek voor weerbare appelrassen tegen vruchtboomkanker
LWV19224 Effective intracellular delivery of DNA-free CRISPR in plant cells via lipid nanoparticles
LWV19283 Meiotic recombination profiling by multi-locus genotyping and recombination bin mapping of nuclei from F1 pollen
LWV19284 Understanding the evolution of downy mildew virulence for knowledge-driven resistance breeding of spinach


TU-18002 Fijnkartering tulpresistenties en ontwikkeling nieuwe veredelingsmethoden
TU-18003 Lasting beauty/SciFi
TU-18015 Counteracting botrytis infection by interfering with plant susceptibility genes
TU-18024 Finding the Achilles’ heel of brassica for black rot disease
TU-18043 Resistance mechanisms against thrips in Chrysanthemum and its relatives
TU-18048 Controlled recombination in plant breeding
TU-18073 Taking HDAC-inhibitors to the next level in DH embryo production
TU-18075 A new method for potato breeding: the fixation-restitution approach
TU-18080 Resistance mechanisms against thrips in wild relatives of onion
TU-18086 Novel tools to breed for resistance against tuber diseases
TU-18100 Whitefly resistant Poinsettia to reduce insecticide use TU-18132 Tomatenchlorose
TU-18142 Weerbare rozen nu eindelijk in zicht!
TU-18140 HeatYield – stabilising tomato yield in a warming world    
TU-18151 Strain instability in fungi as a model for the study of recombination and epigenetic regulation of meiosis

TU-18155 Re-booting potato: enhancing the breeding of hybrid diploid potato 
TU-18156 Transcriptional networks up- and downstream of the negative regulators of plant immunity DMR6 an DLO1

Aphids out of control
Development of type VI glandular trichomes
TU-KV160-058 Fertility and seed set in chrysanthemum
TU-1604-022 PALIFIT

Understanding polyploidisation process and genome complexity hexaploid chrysanthemum
TU-1604-002 Capsicum Genome Initiative TU-1605-004 A de novo squencing catalogue B. Oeracea
TU-KV1605-020 Novel genetic and genomic tools polyploid crops TU-1605-045 Transient induction of plant regeneration
TU-KV1605-106 Role of helper mucrobes enhancing downy mildew on leafy vegetables
TU-1605-118 Building the Green HapMap

TU-1509-039 CHIC, Chrysanthemum Haploid Induction through chromosome elimination
TU-1509-049 Development of a new, high-producing rubber crop: rubber chicory

TU-1406-056 An integrated genomics and effectoromics impulse for potato wart resistance management and breeding
TU-KV1409-022 Bioimpuls-2
TU-KV1409-029 Genetics and mechanism of Aphid resistance in Capsicum
TU-KV1409-031 A multidisciplinary approach for damping-off resistance in spinach
TU-1409-045 Mechanism of thrips resistance in Capsicum


AF-EU-20006  Activated GEnebank NeTwork
AF-EU-20013  Identification of functionally active genome features relevant to phenotypic diversity and plasticity in cattle: BovReg