Projecttitel: Feed4Foodure-III: Sustainable animal nutrition in circular agri-food systems
Projectnummer: LWV20.203
Missie: Kringlooplandbouw
MMIP:  A1 – Verminderen fossiele nutriënten, water en stikstofdepositie

Low excretion and circular diets will result in reduced nutrient excretion along the full nutrient cycle feed-animal-barn-manure-soil-crops. Circular agri-food systems will use more feeds that have been produced on-farm or regionally, like biodiverse grass, and co-products, residues and other human inedible biomass. This necessitates new integrated concepts for the valorisation of co-products and residues, to be able to fully use the available biomass in the most sustainable way, and with highest added value.