Projecttitel: FucoQuest: The impact of fucosylated human milk oligosaccharides on infant gut microbiome, metabolism and gut function
Projectnummer: LWV 20.165
Missie: Gewaardeerd, gezond en veilig voedsel
MMIP:  D2 – De consument, duurzame en gezonde voeding, in een groene leefomgeving
Projectleider: Clara Belzer

Breastfeeding is recommended to be fed to young children up to 2 years of age and beyond. This project will focus on understanding of fucosylated milk oligosaccharides, such as 2’-FL, which are highly prevalent in human milk and likely play a big role in the establishment of a healthy infant-microbiome symbiosis. Ultimately, the results will allow development of novel, safe and health-promoting nutritional concepts for infants and toddlers with a significantly shorter time-to-market.