Mild processing of protein-containing, plant-based side streams for feed applications

Projecttitel: Mild processing of protein-containing, plant-based side streams for feed applications
Projectnummer: LWV19052
Missie: Kringlooplandbouw
MMIP:  A4 – Eiwitvoorziening voor humane consumptie uit (nieuwe) plantaardige bronnen
Projectleider: Fred van de Velde & Yu Peng

The project ‘Mild processing of protein-containing, plant-based side streams for feed applications’ aims at improving the protein availability/digestibility of current industrial protein-containing, plant-based side streams. The goal of this project is to develop mild processing technologies to valorise the proteins from these plant-based side streams, mainly from the processing of potato, sugar beet, distillery side products, as well as side streams from plant protein ingredient production. The side streams will be chosen based on a short market study and criteria to make the selection include (local) availability, technological feasibility, other possible applications, such as food or biogas, new sources of materials resulting from biofuel or new protein crops.
Mild or minimal processing aims at releasing proteins from their native matrix of carbohydrates, lignins and other proteins (in the case of agro side streams) or from their matrix after processing (in the case of food processing side streams), thereby maintaining the digestibility of the proteins. As a side benefit, an improved solubility and technical functionality of the extracted proteins may be expected. The project aims at delivering a proof of concept demonstrating various technologies.
The scientific base required to fulfil the aim, is the understanding of the interactions of proteins in side streams (from plant sources) with their native matrix and with the components in this matrix that are released together with the proteins after mild extraction. Mild processing technologies, such as mechanical treatment, enzymatic treatment and extrusion, will be variables of interest to obtain this control and understanding. This understanding of the interaction between proteins and matrix compound in the original or processed matrix will allow the development of the most desired mild processing steps for producing the protein products, while simultaneously improving the bioavailability (digestibility) of these proteins. The impact of the mild processes will be tested in animal feed trials with the industrial partners.


Rapportage 2020