PRO-RISKFEED: Decision Support System for early est up of risk based monitoring for food safety in animal feed

Projecttitel: PRO-RISKFEED: Decision Support System for early est up of risk based monitoring for food safety in animal feed
Projectnummer: LWV20.110
Missie: Gewaardeerd, gezond en veilig voedsel
MMIP:  D4 Duurzame en veilige verwerking

The PRO-RISKFEED project aims to set up a Decision Support System (DSS) for early signalling of the potential presence of food safety hazards in animal feed materials using big data and Artificial Intelligence. Data on food safety will be integrated with data on factors of related domains, so that a wide range of influencing factors is taken into account for providing the early predictions for deviating food safety. Thus, we will take the holistic approach of food safety and include not only influencing factors affecting safety from inside the feed supply chain, but also from other related domains (e.g. economy, climate). Data on relevant direct and indirect factors from the various domains will be collected and integrated. These data will form the basis for building the AI algorithms. A range of machine learning techniques will be applied to these data, and the best performing ones will be selected, for further testing in the real-life setting. After testing and validation, the AI algorithms will be applied on the DSS platform.
The DSS will provide signals on deviating food safety at the very early stage, so that actions for managing these risks can still be taken. So, the DSS will help in decision making on buying, routing and processing in the feed supply chain. They can also be used to set up risk based monitoring in animal feed production; the risk based plans focus on those hazards that are most likely to be present in the particular raw material from the particular country of origin in a particular season.
Compared to current systems and procedures in place in animal feed production, this DSS will provide more early predictions and will be capable in dealing with incomplete input data. The development and use of such a DSS platform will further enhance the safety of animal feed, and thus of food, and improve animal and human health. Furthermore, it will reduce costs in feed production and reduce waste.