Project Future sensors and digital twins to improve perishable food quality during distribution and production


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Smart Technologies in Agri-Horti-Water-Food

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Leo Lukasse


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To improve the performance of current supply chains of perishable food products in terms of product quality, greenhouse gas emissions and food waste prevention, we submit that in each stage of the supply and production chain real-time access to supply chain conditions and product information is needed in order to make optimal decisions. To realise this, we need (i) advanced IoT sensor systems to monitor products in the supply chain, (ii) real-time data access and data integration to create the full picture of what is going on in the supply chain, and (iii) relevant models that allow for prediction of product characteristics at each moment of its lifetime. With these elements in place, a digital twin of the product in the food supply chain is created and continuously updated. The digital twin allows for simulation of future behaviour in various scenarios, and thereby enables chain actors to make optimal decisions at each moment in time.

Doel van het project
In this project, we will implement two prototypes of digital twins with three use cases. The digital twin of the fresh supply chain, in which the emphasis lies on the long transportation and quality development of tropical fruits such as bananas and on non-destructive quality sensing of glasshouse vegetables such as tomatoes. And the digital twin of the meat production chain, in which the emphasis lies on individual quality monitoring of carcasses.

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