Project Roughage management in a circular dairy system: reducing nutrient losses


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A1. Verminderen fossiele nutriënten en emissies naar bodem, water en lucht

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Ensiling of roughages is the most important method of feed conservation. During the process of ensiling and
feed out, losses will occur resulting in the release of greenhouse gases and ammonia and the loss of feed
material. Exact measurements of gas emissions are unavailable and this information will help to find
management interventions to promote farm sustainability and profitability.
In the present proposal the ensiling and feed out processes will be fundamentally examined in fully controlled
climate respiration chambers, measuring the exact losses of dry matter and protein and the emissions of
greenhouse gases and ammonia. Potential options for management interventions reducing feed losses will be
investigated and the impact of feed losses and reduction options are demonstrated on a farm level. The results
will help farmers to improve farm self-sufficiency, reduce the environmental impact and improve farm

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