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In this project, Brazilian and Dutch public and private partners work together on the development and implementation of technologies and know how to develop smart soybean production. Amongst the Brazilian partners, there is knowledge and farming technology for soybean production. The Dutch side and other international partners add knowledge and technology on specific sensors, IoT, decision support, new varieties, biological control agents, connectivity and actuation (robotics) for smart application of crop protection products and fertilizers in soybean. Together they will work on four innovations in the coming four years:
The project will deliver results on four main smart farming topics:

1. Innovative weed control in soybean using chlorophyll sensing technology in combination with decision support and accurate application technology to allow for precise, site specific and variable rate herbicide treatment of weeds with low environmental impact;
2. Innovative disease control in soybean using field specific data in combination with decision support and accurate application technology to allow for sustainable disease management, including resistance management;
3. Innovative pest and disease control by combining different control methods such as natural products, resistant varieties and indirect methods.;
4. Innovative algorithms to re-use past and in-season data produced by sensors and machinery of the project partners.

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