Veredeling (St)


·        A new method for potato breeding: the fixation-restitution approach

·        Controlled recombination in plant breeding

·        Counteracting botrytis infection by interfering with plant susceptibility genes

·        Fijnkartering tulpresistenties en ontwikkeling nieuwe veredelingsmethoden

·        Finding the Achilles' heel of brassica for black rot disease

·        HeatYield - stabilising tomato yield in a warming world

·        Lasting beauty/SciFi

·        Novel tools to breed for resistance against tuber diseases caused by obligate 
        biotrophic pathogens

·        Re-booting potato: enhancing the breeding of hybrid diploid potato using 
        statistical genetics and computer simulations

·        Resistance mechanisms against thrips in Chrysanthemum and its relatives

·        Resistance mechanisms against thrips in wild relatives of onion

·        Strain instability in fungi as a model for the study of recombination and
        epigenetic regulation of meiosis

·        Taking HDAC-inhibitors to the next level in DH embryo production

·        Tomatenchlorose

·        Transcriptional networks up- and downstream of the negative regulators of
        plant immunity DMR6 an DLO1

·        Weerbare rozen nu eindelijk in zicht!

·        Whitefly resistant Poinsettia to reduce insecticide use


·       Aphids out of control

·       Development of type VI glandular trichomes

·        Fertility and seed set in chrysanthemum

·        PALIFIT


·        A de novo squencing catalogue B. Oeracea

·        Building the Green HapMap

·        Capsicum Genome Initiative

·        Novel genetic and genomic tools polyploid crops

·        Role of helper mucrobes enhancing downy mildew on leafy vegetables

·        Transient induction of plant regeneration

·       Understanding polyploidisation process and genome complexity 
        hexaploid chrysanthemum 


·        CHIC, Chrysanthemum Haploid Induction through chromosome elimination

·        Development of a new, high-producing rubber crop: rubber chicory


·        A multidisciplinary approach for damping-off resistance in spinach

·        An integrated genomics and effectoromics impulse for potato wart resistance 
        management and breeding

·        Bioimpuls-2

·        Genetics adn mechanism of Aphid resistance in Capsicum

·        Mechanism of thrips resistance in Capsicum